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“I love it. It’s beautiful. They did a wonderful job on this kitchen. I love Hallmark. They were excellent. I had called different contractors a number of times and it took them weeks just to get an estimate. Once I called Hallmark, they took a look at my kitchen, which was a big project, and gave me an estimate that night. It was a wonderful experience. My kitchen was so small before, but now with the work that Hallamark did, they were able to expand it and now it has become my favorite room in the whole house!”
Joan D.

“It was a lot of work. They came out to my home at my convenience and walked me through step-by-step through the design process because there was a lot of options. Everything came out the way we wanted and it came out on time. They did such a good job with my kitchen that we hired them for the roof and the siding too.”
Julie M.

“We needed a lot of work done. We have 3 bathrooms and a kitchen that were in horrible shape. Al showed us options and that was big for us. We had a tight budget, but a lot of work we wanted done to the house and Al was able to make it happen with picking out affordable options and helping us with the right financing. We are extremely happy with how everything turned out.”
Gabby S.

“At first I thought remodeling my house would be impossible. Picking the right contractor and doing it on a small budget made me very concerned that I would get taken advantage of because you always hear stories of that happening. But not with Al and Hallmark remodelers. He came to my house about the deck that I wanted fixed and was concerned that he was going to try and sell me a whole new one. But Al was different. He wasn’t pushy. He wasn’t overbearing. He was honest and gave me options. Here I thought that he was going to push a new deck, but instead he recommended fixing up my existing deck with a few replacement planks that had deteriorated over the years and some protective coating. That’s why I always recommend Al and Hallmark. Not only will they do a great job, but you will be completely satisfied and not feel like you were tricked into spending a whole lot of money.”
Marie B.
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